Who We Are

Cosmomia is a training and consultancy center where you can find expert advisors. We offer our services to corporations, and also to individuals, as our aim is to redesign peoples’ lives the way that they like to live. Besides modern medicine and psychological therapy, we also implement holistic approach such as cosmic energy therapy to further our sessions. Additionally, we put personalized techniques into our practice to attain personal mental, spiritual and physical health.

Cosmomia Family

Arcan Okan Kurşun

  • Life Consultant
  • Cosmic Energy Üstadı

Derya Özdemir

  • Çift ve Aile Terapisti
  • Klinik Psikolog

Gökhan Özcan

  • Sağlıklı Yaşam (Wellness) Uzmanı
  • Kozmik Enerji Magisteri

Gözde Avşar

  • Klinik Psikolog
  • Aile ve Çift Terapisti

What We Do

Personal Consultancy

  • Awareness Journey
  • Finding a Balance, Healthy Living
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Addiction Treatment: Moving from Addiction to Life
  • Energy Cleansing
  • Sexual Therapy

Corporate Consultancy

  • Body Language and Communication Skills
  • Effective Time Management and Prioritization
  • Perception and Emotion Management
  • Monday Syndrome
  • Dealing with Stress and Negativity
  • Art of Persuasion: Expanding Your Circle of Influence, Self-confidence
  • Leadership or Managing?
  • Crisis Management and Conversion
  • Mindfullness - How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety
  • Healthy Living at the Office and Desk Yoga
  • Self Motivation - Achieving What You Want
  • Energy Balancing - Subconscious Cleansing

How We Do?

Cosmic Energy

Cosmic Energy Therapy (CET), is an efficient complementary medical method, which is approved by World Health Organization. CET provides protection, purification, and healing by its holistic approach, and it is used as a supportive treatment for viral diseases such as flu – depression, psychological diseases that are related to anxiety disorder – illnesses like migraine which are told to be incurable, and even to treat cancer.


Meditation, which allows one to reach their inner self, and it can be defined as mind control techniques and experiences. Meditation, also referred to as 'deep thinking', is used in individual sessions and as needed in the Awareness Journey®. In addition, meditation sessions are organized every month in Cosmomia with a different themes, specially prepared by our specialists.

Breathing Techniques

The way we breathe determines the way we live. Turning into a conscious breathing activity provides innumerable benefits such as a mental transformation, increased energy, increased quality of life, enjoying the moment more, and so forth. For mental, physical and spiritual healing, breathing techniques are used in individual therapies and in the Awareness Journey® as well.


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